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Inexperienced Driver Advanced Training

We offer specialist advanced driving courses, designed for young drivers with less than 12 months experience. A young driver is most at risk from a RTC, this is mainly down to a combination of age and experience. The great thing is young drivers have very few, if any ingrained bad habits, and also they are also very receptive to training.


With these points in mind we have created a course designed to fast track a young driver to become a safer, more skill and responsible driver. They will learn things in a one day session, which otherwise may have taken them may years, if at all.


What Our Courses Are About:


Virtually all customers booking this course, and probably reading this page are (often worried) parents. Often we talk with parents who have a child who has:


1. Have passed their test and need additional help
2. Have passed their test and have already had an accident 
3. Have passed their test and drive too fast
4. Have passed their test but need specific help like motorway training


All our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) fleet/advanced tutors. They have extensive experience in delivering advanced driver training for full licence holders. While a regular driving instructor will teach a person to drive and pass a test, our tutors specialise in coaching and developing advanced and defensive techniques. We work with companies and private individuals alike.


The courses are bespoke to the drivers need, although usually we cover:



* Forward planning and observation 
* Developing a driving plan based on observations
* Developing a positive attitude to driving
* Knowing the implications of inexperience and consequences of excessive speed
* How handheld devices and other distractions can impact on a driver
* Introducing new driving techniques such as The Limit Point (on twisty rural roads)
* How to create an enquiring drivers mind – asking “what if”
* Motorway training and tips of dealing with faster moving traffic
* Ironing out the first signs of bad habits, which over time could become deeply engrained issues
* Providing hints and tips on how to deal with new situations they may not have come across yet
* Safety checks a driver should perform on a car
* Hint and tips on how to perform manoeuvres, and the safety elements required to safe moving
* How all the above can be used to fast track their experience and increase their level of skill and safety


Other Info:


* All training takes place in clients car, although we can supply a car for extra
* We have full UK coverage and come to you for the training
* We can do weekends for no extra cost
* All training is in-car
* After the course we send a full report to you, detailing the standard of driving in 20 + areas both before and after training.




The cost for a full day is £320 + vat and is 7hrs. A half day is 3.5hrs and is £210 + vat. You can book online via the booking facility on the upper right of the screen, or should you wish to talk with a member of our team please call or email us. 


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