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Driving Courses For Motorists

We offer a wide range of advanced and defensive driver training for a wide range of private customers, who want to become safer, more skilful drivers.

Please see below for the list of course types. During our general advanced/defensive driving course we cover a wide range of things including:


1. Forward planning and anticipation
2. Dealing with hazards and emerging situations
3. Ironing our (often many years) of bad habits
4. Introducing advanced and defensive skills to make you a safer more skilful driver
5. Helping have a renewed appreciation for speed, and speed awareness

During a course we have three main parts, which are outlined below:

The Initial Drive
The initial drive is where you drive as you normally do for around 20-25 minutes. This gives you a chance to relax and for our tutor to see your general driving style. There is no need to put on an act here – we know you will feel you will want to drive as well as you can, which is fine.


But equally we will be able to draw out habits and driving styles, which you would probably not even be aware of. We know you wont be a perfect drive – such a driver does not exist! After the initial drive there is a relaxed feedback session, where the tutor will outline what they have seen and how the rest of the session will run.

The Coaching
Based on what your tutor has seen, the training will be bespoke to you. This bespoke coaching will be based on:

  1. What you want to achieve from the session (ie confidence, motorway training, dealing with busy town driving etc)
  2. Your unique driving style

Both these elements will form and underpin your bespoke training session.


The DebriefAt the end of the course you will have a detailed debrief with your tutor outlining what has been covered and how you have improved as a driver.


## Course Types

Nervous Driver/Post RTCMore Info
Motorway Driver TrainingMore Info
Inexperienced/Young DriverMore Info
Refresher Driving CourseMore Info
Advised by EmployerMore Info
Pre-Court CourseMore Info
High Performance Car OwnerMore Info
Gift VoucherMore Info

Duration & Prices
The cost of training is £210 + vat for a 3.5hr session or £320 + vat for a 7hr session.


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