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Pending Court Conviction or Post Accident Training

We offer advanced and defensive driving course for those that:

1. Are due in court and have been advised to take an advanced driving course
2. Those that have been advised by their insurance company to take driver training


Due In Court:


We have already helped many motorists who are due in court on various motoring offence, such as speeding, or general totting up of points. Whilst we would never want to guarantee the outcome of a court case, or interfere with the justice system in anyway, we have helped many motorists to either:


1. Avoid a ban completely (sometimes when caught speeding in excess of 100mph)
2. Have a ban substantially reduced
3. Have a fine substantially reduced
4. A mix of the above


This course is for motorists that want to genuinely become a safer driver, and demonstrate to a court of their intention to become a more reformed motorist. After a course with us, we will email you a full driving repot, which will outline your driving and how you improved on the day, which you will be able to take to court. We also focus and report on your attitude towards becoming a safer driver, and if applicable how you now feel and reflect about your past mistake, such as excessive speeding or causing a road traffic collision.


The courses are enjoyable and interesting – we are certainly not here to judge you. During a course we cover a wide range of things including:


  1. Forward planning and observation
  2. Speed awareness and control
  3. Car or van control
  4. Understand triggers for bad driving
  5. Refresh of the rules of the road
  6. Dealing with a wide range of roads (motorway, rural, town)

All the training is road based, and we come to you for the training, which takes place in your own car or van. We can supply a car (only) if needed for extra.



The cost for a full day is £320 + vat and is 7hrs, and is ideal for those that are facing a potential ban. A half day is £210 + vat and is 3.5hr and is ideal for those on lesser charges where a ban is unlikely. You can book this online using the booking tab on the upper right of this website. 


Post Accident Training:

We help many drivers who have been involved (often a victim) in a Road Traffic Collision, and their insurance company has advised them to look for a driving courses to help with their issues, which can include anxiety of driving again, or if they need a refresher, having not driven for a while.

Like with our advanced/defensive driving courses, we can offer a course for those in this situation, who need remedial help in becoming a more confident, safer driver. Please contact us for a bespoke quote for a course of sessions.


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