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Training for a Single Driver (Company)

We offer a wide range of advanced and defensive driving courses to companies across the UK. We can help with:

1. Drivers who are new to the company

2. Drivers who are moving from a car to a van, or larger van and need help to ensure their safety
3. Drivers who are having issues, such as reports of speeding, having a few bumps or scrapes


Whatever your reason for driver training, we can help.

Training with us is easy. We have a network of DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) fleet/advanced driving instructors, who come to you for the training, which takes place in your own car, van or HGV.


Booking a Course:

You are able to book a course online and pay by card, or request an invoice for BACS payment. You can start this by clicking the tab upper right “Book Online Now”



The cost for a half day 3.5hr session is £210 + vat. A full day 7hr session is £320 + vat. A full day is ideal for a driver who is having significant issues, or you want to ensure they have the most detailed training possible. A half day is more sited when training a number of drivers back to back, or if you feel the driver needs a short spring clean/assessment of their driving.


What We Cover:

All training is bespoke to the driver. We never offer an “off the peg” course, but one, which is focused on the driver and their specific needs and requirements. Below are typical things we cover:


  1. Forward planning
  2. Hazard management
  3. Manoeuvres (especially with van drivers)
  4. Attitude development
  5. Motorway and carriageways
  6. Dealing with confidence issues (too much or too little)
  7. Speed awareness and understanding the impact of excessive speed
  8. Car or van control

Plus much more….


Our Unique Bespoke Training:

After a course we will email you a report for a driver, so you can see how they improved. With our courses, we measure a driver both before and after a course. We measure a driver in 25 areas of driving, and score them from Poor to Excellent both before and after training, so you can see how they have improved and in what areas. The unique format of the training we provide ensures a completely bespoke course for your driver. We always allow a delegate to drive how they usually do for around 20 minutes at the start, so we can see what they are like as drivers.

We are aware some will try and “put on” an act and drive how they think they should. We are aware completely aware of this. What we are looking for here is the ingrained bad habits, negative attitudes and things a driver is probably not even aware of. This gives our highly experienced tutors a real insight into them as drivers, and as a result can provide the very best training possible. 


Get In Touch:

We would love to hear from you. We can arrange a course usually with 2 weeks notice. After the course you will get a full driving report, which will measure the drivers ability in over 20 areas of driving from Poor all the way through to Excellent along with an overall risk score (Low, Low Medium, Medium, Medium High, High).

Should you have any specific questions do please get in touch and a member of our team will be in touch within 1hr during working hours.

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