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Refresher Driving Courses

We offer a bespoke refresher driving course for drivers of all ages and experience. Typically we help with those at:


1. Have not driven in years, from 12 months to 20 + years
2. Already drive but feel their driving needs a refresh to help ensure continued safety
3. Have lost their confidence after an accident and need help


Our courses are totally bespoke to you and your needs. Whatever your requirement, we will listen to you, and then provide a course, which will help you either get back on the road, or become a safer driver. Our tutors have many years experience in dealing with drivers of all levels, experience and issues. We don’t judge, we just provide the highest quality one to one tuition, based around you.


I was terrified of driving on the motorway and had been for 28 years. Alan, the instructor, rang me and fixed up a date for my tuition. He was outstanding. His manner was calming, highly informative, offered thorough explanations and he was extremely patient. Amanda Young, Glasgow


What Do We Cover:

* Getting used to the basics of driving again
* Driving initially on quiet, simple roads
* How to quickly develop your driving confidence for busier roads
* Car control (gears, steering, foot controls, signals)
* Refresher of the rules of the road
* Reversing and manoeuvres
* Town and urban defensive driving
* Driving in heavy traffic and motorways
* Eco-safe driving (effective use of speed, gears, planning)
* Anticipation – Learning to see and not just look
* Understanding other road users and their intentions

Plus much more…..

A promotion at work involved me having to drive. I hadn’t driven for years living in London. A full day course really helped me firstly regain my confidence and secondly get me safely back to driving. It was much easier than I thought. I really enjoyed the session too. A Phillips, London


Useful Information:

* All training takes place in your own car, although we can supply a car for extra
* We have full UK coverage and come to you for the training
* All refresher training is road based in-car
* All tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) fleet/advanced tutors, and specialise in training for full licence holders
* Training is 100% bespoke to you
* After the training you will get a detailed report, which will outline your driving both before and after training


A full day is 7hrs and costs £320 + vat. A half day is £210 + vat and is 3.5hrs. For no extra cost we can split a full day into 2 x 3.5hr sessions. If you wish to book you can do online via the booking tab on the upper right, or if you have any questions please contact us and a member of our team will be delighted to help you 


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