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Our Training Standards

All our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered fleet driving instructors, which means they are qualified to provide advanced/defensive driver training for full licence holders.

Tutors are reassessed by the DVSA every three years to ensure their training standards are to the highest standards possible. If they are not, they can no longer remain on this training register.

We only work with fleet registered DVSA tutors. Furthermore we specifically work with tutors who, like us, have a genuine passion for advanced and defensive driver training, and to make safer, more skilful drivers.

Many of our DVSA registered fleet tutors are either ex-Police and/or have a huge amount of experience in various interesting driver training paths, which include:

1. RoSPA Advanced driver training
2. NDORS (National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme)
3. LANTRA 4×4
4. Track driver training for prestigious high performance car brands
5. HGV C/C+E Training
6. Blue light response training

By only working with DVSA fleet registered tutors means we are helping ensure each of our tutors have the ability to provide the very best standard of training possible. As a company we look after our tutors, to ensure we attract and retain some of the very best in the UK. We regularly get feedback on our tutors, and are only completely satisfied if a client is delighted with a training course, whether that be training just 1 or 100+ drivers.


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