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Bespoke Multiple Driver Training (Company)

We already work with a wide range of companies, from well know brands to small businesses, in all sectors. We understand that training a number of drivers is an investment, and using the right driver training company is critical to achieving the end result – safer drivers, lower fleet costs, and clear documented evidence that your drivers have received driver training from a highly qualified DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) fleet/advanced driving tutor.


Are Courses Are Ideal For:


1. Those that need training for all or a set group of company car or van drivers
2. Companies that have singled out higher risk drivers who need training


We can train just one or over 1,000 + drivers, using our nationwide network of DVSA registered tutors. We come to you for the training, where the training takes place in your own cars or vans.


Our Course Explainer Video:




What is Covered?


All training is bespoke to your company needs and the needs of the driver. We can adjust a course to work with, and fit your company objectives. Each training session is carried out with the drivers needs and requirements as the number one priority. There are over 45 million licence holders in the UK, each one of them have their own skills, experiences, habits and sometimes, issues, which need addressing.


During a course we cover a wide range of things including:

1. Forward planning
2. Observation and anticipation
2. Vehicle control
3. Coping with adverse weather
4. Speed appreciation and awareness 
5. The Limit Point Application 
6. The System of Car Control and IPSGA
7. Defusing and Dealing with Road Rage
8. Rules of the Road
9. Developing a positive driving attitude
10. Skid control and much more…

Prices and Training Options:


When training a number of drivers we can usually train one driver for 3.5hrs in the morning and one in the afternoon for the same period. We can do this at one, or many locations over the UK. The cost for this is £160 + vat a driver, if training more than one driver. However, if you are looking at a large number of drivers, typically over 20, we can provide a further discount per head.


Our Unique Bespoke Training:

After a course we will email you a report for each driver taking the course, so you can see how they improved. With our courses, we measure drivers both before and after a course. We measure a driver in 25 areas of driving, and score them from Poor to Excellent both before and after training, so you can see how they have improved and in what areas, which makes it easy for comparison to other drivers in your fleet.

The unique format of the training we provide ensures a completely bespoke course for all your drivers. We always allow delegates to drive how they usually do for around 20 minutes at the start, so we can see what they are like as drivers.

We are aware some will try and “put on” an act and drive how they think they should. We are aware completely aware of this. What we are looking for here is the ingrained bad habits, negative attitudes and things a driver is probably not even aware of. This gives our highly experienced tutors a real insight into them as drivers, and as a result can provide the very best training possible. 

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