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Motorway Driving Course

We offer a bespoke motorway driving course for drivers that want to regain or improve their confidence on these roads. Customers coming to us for a motorway driving course do so for a wide range of reasons, which typically include:


1. Having not driven on a motorway before
2. Have driven on a motorway but not for a long time or have limited experience
3. Have had a road traffic collision and lost confidence on these roads
4. Use motorways, albeit on rare occasions, but need to use them more (such as a new job) and it will not be possible to use alternative A roads. 


Our motorway course are completely bespoke to your needs. We can adjust a course, which is built around you and what you want to achieve. During a course we do cover a wide range of things, which are adjusted from driver to driver, which cover:


1. Forward planning and awareness
2. How to manage and control aggressive drivers
3. Dealing with entering and exiting motorways
4. Rules of motorways and dealing with emergencies
5. Coping with driving and cruising at higher speeds
6. Safely dealing with HGVs (such as avoiding siting in their blind spots)
7. How to deal with tailgaters
8. Learning how to read the intentions of other drivers
9. Dealing with fatigue and boredom on long journeys
10. Car dynamics and higher speed car control

Plus much more…..


How a Motorway Course Runs:


We start with an initial chat about you and your driving, the reasons for the training, and what you want to achieve. We often let you drive how you usually do to start, to help you relax and for your tutor to see the standard of driving you are currently displaying.


After a debrief we start the coaching based on your needs. We can start motorway driving on less challenging roads, and then build your skill and confidence. Regular rest breaks for feedback is essential to ensure you get the very best from the training. Despite your feelings of nervousness, our tutors are experts, and are here to help and support you during your training, which we make both informative, educational and really enjoyable too.


After the course we will provide a full debrief, and the course will then come to an end. We will email you a full report after the training, which will review how you performed in 20 + areas of driving both at the start and at the end, along with personalised notes from your tutor.

Other Info:

1. We have full UK coverage and come to you for the training as long as you are near a motorway or dual carriageway 

2. Training can take place in your car, or we can supply a car for extra

3. All our tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) fleet/advanced driving tutors, who specialise in training for full licence holders.







A full day is £320 + vat (£384) and is 7hrs
A half day is £210 + vat (£252) and is 3.5hrs
We can split a full day into 2 x 3.5hr sessions for the same cost of a full day


Should you wish to book, you can do so online via our booking form on the upper right of this page, or simply get in touch via the contact form, if you wish to talk with a member of our team before booking.


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