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High Performance Car Owner

We offer a bespoke advanced driving course for owners of high performance car owners. The course we offer is somewhat different to a typical “high performance” course. Below is an outline of what we do and don’t offer:


We do offer:

1. A detailed review of your driving
2. Introduction and development of advanced and defensive techniques
3. Help with ironing out bad habits in your driving
4. Help you safely enjoy the performance and handling characteristics of your car  
5. Develop commentary driving to help your powers of observation and anticipation


We don’t offer:

1. Car set up for track use
2. Driving on the limit or near the limit
3. Driving which involves exceeding the speed limit
4. Any form of driving, which would be suited to circuit or any form of competition driving


While we love high performance cars, we feel it is important to outline the key differences between our courses and other similarly worded courses. Our courses tend to be booked by those who realise owning a high performance car needs additional respect and attention, above and beyond that required by a regular car, and although they may be competent, even above average drivers, they may want to invest their time in ensuring their driving is as good as it can be.

Please contact us for more information on our high performance car owner course. 



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