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Advised to do an Advanced Driving Course?

Have you been asked to complete an advanced or defensive driving course by your employer? If so we can certainly help you.


Key Info:

1. We have full UK coverage and come to you for the training
2. We offer a full day (7hrs) for £320 + vat or a half day (3.5hr) for £210 + vat
3. You can conveniently book your course online using the tab on the upper right of the page
4. You will get a full driving report after the training
5. Training is totally bespoke to your needs and requirements
6. Training can be in your own car or van, or we can supply a car if needed
7. We can usually arrange a course with around 2 weeks notice



How a Typical Course Runs:

All our courses are road-based, and take place in your own car/van. The training covers a wide range of things, below is the format a typical course follows:

1. An Initial Drive – This allows our tutors to assess your level of experience and skill. We ask you to drive how you usually do, so our tutor can see how you are as a driver, and for you to relax. 

We then mark you in 20+ areas of driving, from Excellent, to Poor. This forms a basis to develop the bespoke training session.

2. Coaching – Based on the initial drive, the coaching will be based around the needs of you, in a relaxed, enjoyable way. We will be venturing out on a network of roads including urban routes, out of town driving, and motorways. During the session there will be the chance for feedback, along with opportunities to recap what has been taught.

3. Debrief – At the end of the course there will be a debrief, where your tutor will give feedback on the training, and where feedback from yourself is also welcomed. Your tutor will again mark you on the 20+ driving areas, which were looked at on the initial drive, making it easy to see how you developed during the day, to what degree, and in what areas.


What is Covered:

1. Forward planning
2. Observation and awareness
3. The system of car control
4. Dealing with adverse weather
5. Rules of the road
6. Identifying and eliminating bad habits   
7. Identifying stress factors (inside and outside vehicle) which impact on driving
8. Speed awareness 

Plus much more….

We would love to hear form you. You can either email or call us, or simply book your course online using the link upper right. 


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